What College Admission Committee Looks For in Your Essays



Worried about your admission to a college? Do you not know how to write a college admission essay? Conceptualizing what college admission committee looks for in student candidates through their essays? Know that you are not the only one who is worried about these kinds of questions. Such questions cross every student’s mind because everyone wants to get accepted for admission. Keeping the students’ worries in mind, today’s article is here to tell you what admission officers look for in their essays. It will describe all the points in detail. Hence, let’s jump straight into our today’s topic.

What do college admission committees want in your essays?

Getting admission to the desired college is an uphill task. It is because a dream college of yours can also be the dream of many others. The college admission committee cannot give admission to all the students who have applied. Therefore, they judge the admission essays and want to see certain things in them. Now, you must be worried about what those things are. Let’s not make you wait further. A brief description of all those points is as follows:

Look for the authentic voice

The admission committee looks for the authentic voice in your essays. The admission officers do not want essays that are written by others, not by you. They want to hear the authentic voice of students explaining their motivation to study in a particular college. “We look for students who are authentic, not packaged,” said David Beckham, an admission officer at Yale University. Therefore, do write your essays on your own, as no one can explain you better than you. But still if you feel that you can’t do this, you can buy essay online from a good company.

Look for proof

The college admission committee mostly requires proof of your achievements. Simply talking about them is not enough to secure admission to a college. It means that do not tell them you are hardworking. On the contrary, show them you are hardworking by talking about your accomplishments and achievements at school. Therefore, you should always remember this phrase while writing admission essays: “Show, Do not Tell.”

Look for values

The admission officers prefer applicants who have positive character values. You should talk about your self-reflection, self-discipline, and initiative values. The admission committee has to review many essays. In this scenario, they prefer students with something to give to the campus.

Look for extra-curricular activities

Most of the time, the admission officers look for extra-curricular activities of the students in which they have taken part. Not every time they look for such things, but it is beneficial to mention them. “ I always prefer students with community experience because they have better communication and management skills.” Kaitlyn Botelho, Lasell College associate director of admission, said this.


Writing a college admission essay is the first step students take to get admission to a college. The students ensure the things mentioned above in their essays. These are the things that the college admission committee looks for in you. Talk about them and confirm your seat.

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