Most Popular Conspiracy Theories Of 2021

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Conspiracy theories have always been a part of history. Most often these theories are of political or criminal misconduct. The world was busy in 2021 in fighting the pandemic and personal health. In the meanwhile, many conspiracies were still in the air. Several historical events took place that somehow changed the normal flow of life. It is often said that history repeats itself. The conspiracy events take a longer time to develop. It also affects many factors of society as well.

Some of the conspiracy theories in 2021 are being described here:

Fall of Kabul

The fall of Kabul in history is one of the most famous conspiracy theories and is being reported as the loss of America's longest war. According to the cheap dissertation writing services firm the political and military involvement of the America in the region came to fail. The militants of the region took hold of the area. The reports suggest the internal rebellion and strengthening of the militants. It took a lot of money and manpower in vain. The war in America was being funded by America's taxpayers. Its loss arises many questions on the war and peace situation. The fall of Kabul to the regional group is still a question to solve. The politicians of the region ask if the situation will change to a law-and-order issue or not. In the current day, the regular administration activities are being restarted in the region. The new government, pseudo-government, is trying to establish a trustworthy relation. It will need a lot of effort on the ends of the government of Kabul. The regional normal activities of education, export and work are also normalizing.

Alec Baldwin prop gun shooting

Alec Baldwin, a Hollywood movie actor, reported shooting Halyana Hutchins on the movie set. It was also trending on twitter as one of funniest but tragic conspiracy theories of 2021. The incident was an accident in initial reports. The movie set was in New Mexico and Alec Baldwin was working as a director of that movie. The set was for 19th-century props and events. Halyana did not survive the shot and died on the way to the hospital. Such accidental shots have also been common in history. Michael Massee another Hollywood actor shot the co-star Lee. A similar prop gunshot accident ended the life of a co-actor. The investigations did not find any specific murder involvement.

Highest electricity prices in Europe

The global surge in energy prices is affecting every state. The process of coal, electricity and power prices is increasing. These sources of energy are being consumed a lot. Throughout the world coal and water are being used more often for energy production. It will cause a shortage of sources. The overconsumption of resources will lead to more shortages. European countries have reported the highest increase in energy prices in history. It is because of the global economic fall. But one of the conspiracy theories behind this says that the hike in prices is to make people choose some alternative sources that the government is producing. Whereas, in reality the global recession has affected every state. The prices of local food products, electricity and other goods have increased. If such a situation lasts it might cause a further decrease in resources.

COVID-19 a weapon

The mystery of COVID-19 as one of the conspiracy theories is still there in 2021. The people are refusing to get vaccine or take precautions because they think it’s just a conspiracy or propaganda. The virus came in 2019 started from a China outbreak. The contamination moved across the globe affecting the European, Asian and African states. Some people said their governments are irresponsible for the virus. They are doing this on purpose. Most people considered viruses as a weapon to reduce the number of people. This thought is also common in every country. It also created fear and psychological depression in some patients of going out. Several people have to post COVID social anxiety issues. The obsessive-compulsive disorder patients were also found to have increased. The mortality rate of the people from COVID-19 is low but the infection rate is high. It indicates that this virus is not fatal enough to wipe out the population. At the same time, it does have many longtime morbid effects on health.

COVID-Vaccine and microchip

After the formation of a functioning vaccine people were still in doubt. Those who believed in the virus existence were also scared to take the vaccine. A large number of groups were not in the favor of vaccines. The main fear was because of the microchip installation via injection. One of the most trending conspiracy theories regarding Vaccine-Microchip was that America and China are inserting chips in people. They will track the record of other governments by these chips. The political polarization caused these ideas in the air. The economic and ideological war of China and America also started during this time. The conspiracies were also created for defaming the political leader and states. It led to a reduced acceptance of the vaccine in some countries as well.

Cyber threats of surveillance

The IT company dissertation help said that the threat of cyber security is always there in political organizations. Several cases of hacking into governmental banking and national sensitive information are there. People tend to have less trust in the technology tools. A large number of people started withdrawing money from banks. The leaking of nuclear information is also common. People had the idea that Afghanistan is making an atomic bomb to destroy America. The war against Afghanistan is being justified over the political differences. Most of the conspiracies have political grounds. People started using less technology for preserving their information. The old people became the victim of these rumors. During the COVID-19 times, the use of email and the online platform was much increased. As a result, the cyber threats were also increased. Many people reported having their personal information leaked via online platforms. Personal banking and finance information was also compromised in the online platforms. People are now less reluctant to use technology and online apps. These are just a few but most famous and common conspiracy theories of recent times.


Conspiracy theories are always common in history. Most of them are of political nature. When the opinion of two groups is not similar it develops conspiracies. People tend to report issues related to trust in technology. People were insecure about sharing their personal, finance and other information online. The conspiracies between the two nations and groups started after mistrust. The conspiracies of the COVID-19 as a bioweapon lead to an increase in infection. People were also reluctant to use the vaccine because of microchip myths.


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